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      High quality、High degree of accuracy

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      High quality High degree of accuracy


      • 1.Quality Management System Certificate in 2000
      • 2.Environmental Management System Certificate in 2009
      • 3.UL Certificate and CQC Certificate
      • 4.All of our products accord wih ROHS standard

      Excellent professional talents

      • Our company has a group of high-quality research and development employees and professinal management personnel,provide a high quality service for customers.

      Product structure

      • Our company has been produced plates which is single ,double, multi-layer, Aluminum Substrateand flexible pcb , and be better meet customers requirements

      Productivity advantages

      • 1.Has a full-automation production equipments and advanced testing equipments,such as Single-layer automatic line,Copper-Tined automatic line, Auto Final Vision Inspection For PCB,and CNC gongs machine.
      • 2.The production capacity of Single -layer has 1800000㎡ per year,Double -layer has 500000㎡ per year,Multi -layer has 200000㎡ per year.

      Marketing strategy

      • Seeking truth from facts,the maximum profit to customers.


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